Doors are one of the most important consideration points when one designs and constructs a home or a commercial complex. They are the entry and exit points of a house or building. There cannot be a countable number of times that a door is opened or closed or even the number of people handling it. Hence the design and build of any house should incorporate easy access to, durable and hassle free doors.

Traditional wooden doors have a cumbersome process of carving. There is a lot to plan – the carpenter is informed, the measurements are then taken, sizes fixed, the inventory or timber needs to ordered and the time elapse is a major drawback. The availability of good quality timber is another point of consideration and delay in most cases. Also, such high quality timber is expensive and cannot be afforded by all. Timbers need to treated with pesticides, kilned and dried and then joined together to make a door. They are not weather proof and involve a high maintenance cost.

Tata Pravesh Doors now bring in a range of affordable, hassle free, maintenance free, durable and secured steel doors. Consumers, architects or engineers get an access to a range of embossed designs, color shades, natural wood finishes or plain steel finish to suffice their needs. The strength and quality of steel is tested and approved by the Tata Brand which ensures consumers peace of mind. These doors are readymade and easily available and do not involve a pre-ordered inventory cost. Pravesh Doors’ Commercial Doors give the architects the edge over others in terms of ease of design, installation and quality. Adding onto the advantage of high aesthetic value they combine the strength of steel which prevent these doors from being easily dented, cracked or broken.

Tata Pravesh Doors have enabled individual home makers, builders and architects to design as well as build with a piece of mind without having to worry about the commonly faced hazards of wooden doors.


Chandan Kumar Pandey


Sir I am not satisfied by your service. I have booked the door and never expected such poor service from the renowed brand. I booked the door more tha 60 days had over but yet not the door has been installed. Its clearly represents the policy to take more booking while production and execution is slow totally market oriented not up to the customer satisfaction.Moreover on late delivery there is no LD clause. You are taking money in advance but if you are supplying late the item you should compensate for the same as cosumer forum says.




Greetings! I am also having the same question. In all respects Tata Pravesh Doors seems good. Wood is good in resisting heat. How about heat resistance?




dear sir, as per you are webpage details how wood is verygood in thermal resitance . please cross check once again.if steel and wood is very good in fire resitance, we go for wood only...WHY TATA steel doors.. Regards, G S S Srinivas, 9676256216, 9640040216.


srinivas reddy


yes i agree