What are the different variants of steel doors available?

Pravesh doors are available in three variants: Embossed wood finish, Plain wood finish, Plain steel finish.


What is the right size of the wall opening to be kept to install Pravesh door?

The door is currently available in two standard sizes of 7 ft x 3 ft 6 in & 7 ft x 3 ft


How do I get the Pravesh door installed?

Pravesh door will be installed by a trained installation team. You may fix the dale and lime of installation of the door with the dealer.


 Can extra lock be Installed?

Doors with option for extra lock can be made available on request.


How do I fix a nameplate on the door?

To fix a nameplate on your Pravesh door, please specify the need for fixing it at the time of booking so holders can be ordered or please fix it with a VHB (very high bond) tape. Please install it with the help of our installation team. Fixing it yourself or with a local person is not recommended.


Will a Pravesh door rust?

Pravesh door will not rust as long as the outer coating of the door remains intact


What is the cost of Installation?

Installation service is provided free of cost.


How long will it take for my door to get delivered?

The delivery time will vary as per availability and location and needs to be discussed with the dealer at the time of purchase.


How should my door be stored before fitting?

It is suggested that the door be delivered at the time of installation to prevent any damage to the door. In case the delivery of door is taken before the scheduled installation, the door should be kept flat on a raised surface. No heavy object should fall on the door.


Will the finish of the door peel off or get spoilt?

The finish of the door is factory engineered and will not get spoilt unless the door comes in contact with harsh chemical or a heavy object, which can destroy the outer coating of the door.


Will the door get dented or cracked?

Although Pravesh door is a made from high quality steel, it may get dented with rough use.


Can I paint the door?

Painting the door will remove the wood finish of the door. Hence, for the elegant look and natural wood finish, it is advised not to paint the door.


How do I change the lock on my door?

The lock will be installed by the trained installation team during door installation. In case you wish to change the lock in the future, you may contact your dealer or call at the toll free number 18003458282.

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