With Pravesh, secure your home in every way

In addition to doors, we also offer windows which will help you realise the look you imagined for your home. It ensures that your home is secured in every way.

What is a steel casement window?

Pravesh windows have a steel casement along with a vision glass and are given a wood finish. The wide array of styles are both affordable and energy-efficient. Windows are hinged and are opened or closed by swinging in or out. The casement locks are hook-shaped and embedded within the frame, which makes them unbreakable.

  • Base Variant
  • Mesh Variant

Frames and Shutters can be made of the following materials:

Material Thermal resistance Durability Maintenance Cost Recycled content Comment
Wood very good variable high high low Shrinks and swells with humidity changes
PVC/UPVC very good Good low high very low Colour changes with humidity changes
Aluminium bad Low low low typically > 95% Colour changes with humidity changes
Steel Very good superior very low Moderate > 98% No Shrinks and swells with humidity changes

"PVC is not as strong as other materials, it's good if PVC/UPVC frames are reinforced with Steel or composite materials to improve their structural strength. Steel window frames are typically filled by a thermal break made of a PUF. This greatly increases thermal resistance, while retaining virtually all of the structural strength.

Steel casement windows are harder to break into

Steel casement windows are very difficult to break into. Casement locks are hook-shaped, and these hooks are embedded within the frame, making them untouchable.

For homeowners who prefer this type of steel window, new replacement styles are readily available in a wide selection and are considered to be both affordable and energy efficient.


Sliding metal windows with high strength & durability


Window come withthe grill made of MS bright bars, vision glass and the following set of hardware and accessories.

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